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Invest in Florida's budding software community.

What is SwampHacks?

SwampHacks is a 36 hour open coding event where students become creators. In the time allotted, students from around the country come together at the University of Florida to collaborate on projects, mingle in activities, and network with sponsors for a fully immersive coding experience.

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"​SwampHacks offers an exciting environment where students that share our passion for technology and innovation are able to collaborate and solve interesting problems. We feel that it offers a unique opportunity for us to engage with some of the sharpest students and are invested in the event's future success."

Jess Bodzo

Senior Project Manager at Nielsen

“SwampHacks 2017 was well-planned and the unwavering effort of all the team members that made that weekend possible was very apparent. The team also did an excellent job with generously welcoming the sponsors and taking care of all their needs. It was exciting to see such great talent and passion being cultivated and tested at the University of Florida. We are eager to support future teams in shaping SwampHacks into one of the premiere hackathons in the nation!”

Shandy Sulen

Digital Studio Manager at The Agency

So... Why Florida?

Florida has become an untapped reservoir of talent in the past few years. Due to the incredible distance Florida is from the cluster of hackathons in the NorthEast and West Coast, a growing communty of skilled students in the SouthEast have begun to forego larger hackathons in favor of ones nearby. By sponsoring us, your company can establish its presence within the waters of Florida's software development community.

As the largest hackathon of Florida, SwampHacks not only pulls from a talented pool of UF hackers but also serves as a nexus for the Florida hackathon season. With some of the best and brightest students showcasing their passion and skill, SwampHacks provides an alternative method to resume screenings and elevator pitches by showing what students are actually capable of.